Sutton Bank

Sutton Bank is a progressive Ohio based independent, community bank. Founded in 1878, Sutton Bank has grown into a top-performing community bank, as recognized by the Independent Community Bankers of America.

Sutton Bank is a customer centric organization invested in Prepaid as a core banking product, with strong partnerships in the prepaid space. One of the earliest banks in Prepaid, Sutton offers flexible, customizable card programs with unique functionality, and responsiveness.

Scale Through Partners

Through strong partnerships and synergies with our partners, we can both start with early stage solutions AND scale for rapid growth.

What our clients say they like about us


Fueling Clients’ Success

No silos to cross, no long process to gather layers of decision makers to address challenges or pursue opportunities. This is a material differentiator vs other banks. Clients say our responsiveness fuels their ability to move more quickly on opportunities and grow faster than with other banks.

Banking at the Speed of Silicon Valley

Our on demand world doesn’t wait for traditional banking processes. It doesn’t wait for the months long underwriting cycles. We keep winning new clients’ businesses by matching their speed, and passion.

We “get it”

A prepaid bank since 2002, we were one of the earliest to the game. That said, we’re constantly renewing our programs, processes and systems to keep up with what our clients are requesting. They bring questions and challenges, and we craft solutions based on an ever evolving market and client needs.

Customize Programs

With our strong technology partners, we offer systems that are solutions based, configurable, and scalable. What may take other banks many months to create, we configure in less time and for a better fit to the client's needs.

Some Happy Clients

Here’s a sampling of our innovative solutions. We have good stories to share!. Please contact us to learn more.
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